Welcome to the product documentation for ProduceLinc, an extension app for fresh produce repacking, marketing and distribution companies, built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, by Linc Communications (Pty) Ltd.


ProduceLinc consists several functional areas designed to enable producers and sales agents of palletised fresh produce products to process trades with these products. The functionality is fully integrated with the ERP system at the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable level.

The system supports transaction processing throughout the supply chain, covering

  • procurement of produce for own use or on consignment
  • intake of produce for repacking or staging on behalf of third parties
  • tracking of palletised produce across inbound and outbound logistics (land, air and sea)
  • tracking of palletised produce through repacking or staging warehouses and cold stores
  • allocation of palletised produce to sales customers and preparation of export documentation and container information
  • sales and distribution to local customers and retailers
  • processing of claims (both financial and quality records)
  • redirection or transfer of palletised produced to alternative customers
  • calculation of consignment based payments to producers, including detailed cost chain management

Import pallet files from packhouse systems
Pallet File Processing
Allocate pallets for trade with customers and specify commercial terms
Sales Allocation
Allocate pallets to container and freighters/trips to arrange transport
Freight Allocation
Process commercial documents for trades of produce with customers (invoices, credit, claims, redirection)
Produce Trades
Process purchase documents for non-product costs incurred in the trading of produce
Pallet Charges
Process commercial documents for procurement of own or consignment produce (self-billing invoices)
Produce Bills
Process sales documents for processing produce on behalf of third parties (e.g. repacking or staging services)
Produce Bills