• Go to Produce Trades
  • Open the produce trade for which you want to post an invoice or credit memo

In the header (General) section:  

  • Choose a Trade Type in the header and fill in External Document No. (these two fields must have values – else you will get an error when you try to post the invoice/credit memo)

In the Posting section:  

  • Choose invoice as the document type
  • Fill in the posting date
  • Fill in posting description and reference
  • Tick the box for “Final”

Prepare the posting prices for Produce trade lines (the detail lines where you can see the pallets)

Use the buttons in the menu just above the pallet lines in the trade to assist you with easily entering posting prices and performing other functions for selected lines.

  • To post the full intended sales price, select all lines and then choose “apply remaining posting price”
  • To enter other values than the intended sales prices, select the relevant lines, then enter a value in “posting price”; then choose “apply posting price”. You can also manually enter posting prices on the individual lines
  • If MGP sales prices exist and you wish to invoice these, select the relevant lines and choose

            “apply minimum sales guarantee prices”

Prepare pallet charge assignments (costs that are charged to you by the customer) if applicable

  • In the charge assignment section: Enter charge assignment lines for costs.  
  • Choose the assignment level (produce trade / pallet / pallet lot)
  • Choose the assignment target (the relevant produce trade, pallet or pallet lot)
  • Choose the pallet charge code
  • Fill in the posting amount. NB: if the cost is to be deducted, the posting amount must be a negative
  • Enter as many charge assignment lines as is needed


Review the totals before you post

  • Use the produce trade factbox to review the totals that will be posted for pallets and charge assignments in the ‘posting amounts’ section. (Click on the circle in the top right corner of the page to show/hide the factbox).


Post the invoice

  • Click on ‘release’ in the page menu
  • Then click on ‘post’

Print and email the invoice

  • In the “Produce Trade Documents” section of the factbox: choose the posted invoice that you want to print and/or email
  • Then click on the down-arrow next to “Produce Trade Documents” to see a list of available actions, and choose the relevant action (print, email…)