• Go to Produce Trades
  • Open the produce trade for which you want to post an invoice or credit memo

In the header (General) section:  

  • The Trade Type and External Document number on the header should still be filled in – leave this as is.

In the Posting section:  

  • Choose the document type as credit memo, and fill in the rest of the fields (posting date, posting description and reference).
  • If you’ve switched on ‘final’ during the initial invoice posting, this will still be switched on, and you can leave it as is

Prepare the credit posting prices for Produce trade lines (and charge assignments, if applicable)

  • Fill in ‘posting credit reason code’ and ‘posting credit quantity’ for the lines for which you want to post credits.
  • If you want to fully credit the posted amounts for the line(s), select the line(s), then choose ‘Credit Posted Amounts’ in the menu
  • If you want to post a credit that is not for the full posted amount, select the relevant lines, enter the credit amount as a negative amount in ‘posting price’ and choose ‘apply posting price’. Alternatively, you can manually enter the credit posting amounts on the lines themselves in the ‘posting price’ field.
  • If posted charge assignments must also be reversed, then enter the values on the existing lines in the ‘posting amount’ field of the charge assignment lines. If you want to fully reverse the posted charge assignment amount, make the posting amount the same as the ‘amount’, but with the opposite sign. (Thus, if you posted a cost for -100.00 and want to reverse is, enter 100.00 in the ‘posting amount’ field)

Once all the credit values have been prepared, you can again use the produce trade factbox to review the totals that will post and also see what the final result will be after posting (totals sections).

Release and post the credit memo, and print/email as you would for a produce trade invoice.