Most of produce and logistic related master data are maintained in Linc Lookup Values. Various tables, pages and features in ProduceLinc point to this master data to look up and validate values.

The Lookup Field Name defines the ‘type’ of master data field. This allows for a comprehensive list of master data, such as producer codes, packhouse code, shipping temperature codes, variety codes, etc. to be maintained in a single table – rather than having to set these up in separate master data tables.

Multiple codes for the same Lookup Field Name are set up by simply inserting more lines with the same Lookup Field Name and defining a unique Code and Description (optional) for each line.

Some master data types have inherent parent-child relationships. A good example of this is the relationship between Commodity Code and Commodity Group Code. Oranges (Commodity Code) fall within a ‘parent’ group (Commodity Group Code) called Citrus. Oranges is certainly not stone fruit or pome fruit.

To support these inherent parent-child relationships a code for a Lookup Field Name can be ‘linked’ to its parent by specifying the Parent Lookup Field Name (this should exist independently as a Lookup Field Name in the same table) and Parent Code.

Additional attributes and relationships between different types of master data can be set up with the use of Extended Lookup Values. For Example: Lookup Field Name: Producer Code = A0010 linked to Extended Lookup Field Name: Production Area = NC (Northern Cape).

Master data that should be set up in Linc Lookup Values

Lookup Field Name
Parent Lookup Field Name
Addendum Class Code
Brand Code 
Channel Code 
Claim Code 
Class Code 
Color CodeCommodity Code
Commercial Invoice Title
Commodity Group Code 
Commodity CodeCommodity Group Code
Compliance Scheme Code
Container Type Code 
Country CodeRegion Code
Customer Quality Code 
Customs Deduction
Defect Code 
Freight Agent Code 
Freight Forwarder Code 
Freight Point 
Freighter CodeTransport Method
Freighter Trip CodeFreighter Code
Global Gap Number
Inner Pack Code 
Inspection Point 
Inspection Status 
Market Code 
Organisation Code
Outer Pack Code 
Packhouse Code 
Pallet Base Code 
Pallet Height Code 
Producer Code 
Producer Site CodeProducer Code
Production Area 
Produce Trade Claim Type
Proforma Invoice Title
Quality Grade Code 
Quality Inspection Type 
Quality Sample Size 
Region Code 
Rejection Reason Code
Retailer Code
Shipping Temperature Code 
Size Code Commodity Code
Temptale Type Code 
Trade Invoice Title
Trade Cr. Memo Title
Trade Type 
Transport Method 
Variety CodeVariety Group Code
Variety Group Code 
Warehouse Zone Code