• Search for Produce Seasons.

  • Choose New or select the first empty line on the page.

  • Produce Seasons are defined by Commodity Group, Inbound Channel and Outbound Channel. Set up a produce season for all possible combinations of these field values by defining a unique Code for each combination, and selecting the relevant values in Commodity Group Code, Inbound Channel Code and Outbound Channel Code.

  • Specify the Start Date and End Date for each produce season code.

  • The Grouping field is an optional text field that can be used to group Produce Season Codes. The Grouping value is not visible in Pallet Lines in the system itself but can be used for reporting purposes.

  • Tick the box under Current. Marking the produce season as current ensures that pallets related to the produce season are rebuilt with their latest information to the pallet line archive table every time the pallet line archive table is rebuilt via the job queue. 

  • Once you have added new produce seasons or modified existing records, click on Build Produce Season Dates in the page menu. This rebuilds the produce season dates to ensure that the correct produce season code is reflected on each pallet line.

Example of produce seasons

For more information on produce seasons, please see Produce Seasons