• Search for Produce Trade Defaults
  • Choose New or select the first empty line in the page
  • Select the relevant Customer No and Salesperson Code. These are mandatory fields.
  • Select the Commodity Group Code. This is an optional filter field
  • The default Trade Type can be selected should it be auto-populated to the Trade Type field on the Produce Trade header. This is an optional default. Should the user choose to not set up a default Trade Type Code here, a value will have to be entered manually on the produce trade header (for the customer) before posting the produce trade.
  • Specific rules for the titles of the Produce Trade's Proforma Invoice, Produce Trade Invoice and Produce Trade Credit Memo can be defined in produce trade defaults. Select values if these titles should be the default values on the printed documents. 
  • If no matching rule for these titles is found in Produce Trade Defaults, the values as per Linc Setup will be used.  
  • It is possible to change these titles on the Produce Trade itself, in which case the document(s) would then print the manually selected title. 

For more information on how matching rules are found, and when and how default values are applied, see Produce Trade Defaults