• Go to the relevant Produce Bill
  • Produce Bill must be in Open status

To reverse Prioritised Charges:

  • Click on Calculate Charges
  • Select the line(s) that needs to be credited 
  • Click on Manage in the produce bill subform; then click on Reverse Prioritised Charges
  • If prioritised recharges also exist, then the Prioritised Charges Amt. (LCY) will not yet be zero after the above action. To reverse the Prioritised Recharges as well, click on Manage and Reverse Recharges
  • The Prioritised Charges Amt. (LCY) should now be zero

To reverse Bill Amounts

  • Click on Calculate Bill
  • To prepare for posting a full credit for a produce bill line's Posted Bill Amount, go to the Adjusted Bill amount (PCY) field and fill in zero
  • To prepare for posting a partial credit, go to Adjusted Bill Amount (PCY) and enter the amount you want the total posted amount to be after the posting
  • Step off the line for Posting Amount (LCY) and Posting Amount (PCY) to be populated with the credit amount
  • Check that the Posting amount is the correct amount that should be credited
  • Fill in Posting Credit Reason Code
  • Use the Posting Amounts section of the factbox to check that the total credit amount you are about to post is correct
  • Click on Request Approval, Release and Post to generate a purchase credit memo
  • If the full amount was credited for a line, the Posted Amount (PCY) of the line should now be zero
  • If the full amount was credited for all the lines, the Posted Amount in the factbox should now also be zero

For information on removing pallets from a Produce Bill, see the following article:

Walkthrough: How to remove pallets from a Produce Bill