• Search for Pallet File Translations
  • Choose New to create a blank new line for a new translation rule
  • Choose the Pallet File Definition for which the translation rule should apply in File Definition. This field may not be left empty
  • The next fields are optional filter fields that allow for the setup of a more specific translation rule. These fields may be left empty
  • Choose the field for which a value must be translated in Field ID (use the assist-edit button in the field to go to a lookup page with a list of available Field IDs). The Field Name will populate when the Field ID is selected
  • Type the value from the pallet file (the value that has to be translated) in Pallet File Code. To translate an empty value from the pallet file to a default value, leave this field empty
  • Type the value to which the Pallet File Code must be translated in Translated Code. Ensure that this value corresponds with your master data

An unlimited number of translation rules can be set up. Simply repeat the steps above to set up more rules.