A Produce Bill is the mechanism through which advances are calculated and posted to the Lot Billing Party of pallets, and through which the final income, pallet charges and produce costs for pallet lots are summarised, reviewed and posted to the final G/L accounts and relevant Lot Billing Party.

The function and “behaviour” of a produce bill is governed by the purpose for which it was created, eg. Advance, Cost or Forecast. This purpose is selected by the user when generating the produce bill.

The Generate Produce Bills batch report allows for multiple produce bills to be generated simultaneously. Here users define the purpose for which the produce bills must be generated (Advance, Cost, Forecast), and make use of various filter fields to define the range of pallet lots for which produce bills must be generated.

Pallet lots are grouped together in produce bills based on a combination of built-in grouping logic and setup parameters as defined in Linc Setup.

Generated produce bills are listed in the Produce Bills page. This page can be filtered and sorted based on any of the values from the produce bill headers, and allows for easy management of the growing list of produce bills. From here individual produce bills can be opened for viewing or editing.

The fields of the produce bill header (General section) shows the Produce Bill Title, Produce Bill Purpose, unique Produce Bill No. (automatically generated from a number series) and the values by which the pallet lots were grouped. The Currency Factor, Payment Terms Code, External Document No., Posting Date, Due Date, Posting Description and Your Reference are automatically populated when the produce bill is generated, but can be manually edited.

The Produce Bill Subform shows the pallet lots for which the produce bill will be posted. Information about the intended purchase and sales values, total income, related pallet charge amounts, and posting values of the produce are included for each line in the subform.



Create produce bills

Generate Produce Bills

Calculate and post produce bills

Advance Produce Bills

Calculate and post final income, pallet charges and produce costs

Cost Produce Bills