Export the Produce Bill Sheet

  • Go to Produce Bills
  • Click on Report and Export Produce Bill Sheet
  • Enter filters (eg. Bill No(s)) to specify which produce bills you want to export; then click OK

Review/Adjust prices and import the adjustments

  • Open the Excel sheet that was exported
  • The Submitted Price Per Out Pack and New Price per Outer Pack columns both show the price per carton as per the bill calculation. (If some purchase amounts were previously posted, the values will be the sum of the already posted amounts plus additional posting amounts as calculated by the produce bill)
  • If you want to adjust the price to be paid to the Lot Billing Party, enter the purchase price in New Price per Outer Pack
  • If the price does not need an adjustment, leave the price as is
  • Save and close the Excel file
  • Go to Produce Bills
  • Click on Report and Import Adjustment Sheet
  • Choose the File Name and Worksheet, then click on OK
  • Note that Produce Bills for which lines exist in the Produce Bill Sheet that you are importing must be in Bill Calculated status. If any of these Produce Bills are not in Bill Calculated status, an error will be shown on importing the file.