1. If Advance Bill is in "Posted' status, reopen the bill
  2. Bill will now be in an "Open" status
  3. Calculate the Charges
  4. Calculate the Bill
  5. Status of Bill is now "Bill calculated"
  6. Now you can change the posting amounts (PCY)
  7. Posting amounts (PCY) will be the opposite of what was posted as an advance (for example Posted Amount (PCY)  10,000.00 per line, now the Posting Amount (PCY) will be -10,000.00 per line)
  8. Check that the LCY Posting Amount is also fully reversed
  9. Remember to supply a credit reason
  10. Release and Post the advance bill (to actually put the posting amounts into the system)
  11. The Advance bill will now be zero (0.00) - check the factbox to make sure all is correct
  12. Reopen the bill again
  13. Delete the pallet lines from the advance bill, for the bill to be empty
  14. Release and Post the Bill
  15. Using the Pallet Editor, change the Purchase Currency to blank (ZAR), if it was incorrectly USD or EUR for the lot billing party.